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Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg | Goal Achievement, Productivity & Success – Simplified





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Nov 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Episode 100 is short, sweet and powerful. Yes! There is even a GIFT! A Free eBook, As a Man Thinketh! This very quick, powerful read is one of Martin's favorite books and he shares exactly WHY (plus, the link to get your special edition).

 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King

This episode is the perfect reminder on this Thanksgiving Day! While most people will tell you to be grateful for the fact that you are alive, have clean air and water and live (hopefully) in a FREE country. Martin changes the discussion pointing to an essential gift that is often overlooked.

What we ought to be thankful for is our UNIQUE capacity to choose our thoughts! To direct our attention, intention and focus.

If we "feel whatever we focus upon" then the question to ask is, "WHO is holding your flashlight?"

One more time: "WHO is holding your flashlight?" Who decides what you will focus upon at any moment?

This Thanksgiving we get to recognize that our FIRST debt of gratitude ought to be the fact that we hold a most unique gift— the ability to direct our awareness.

In fact, it's this capacity that allows US TO BE GRATEFUL this Thanksgiving.

So, should you be thinking that you have NOTHING to be grateful for, think again— and then use your gift of awareness as it was intended! ; )

Thanks for sharing THF with your family and friends!


BTW: If you're a NEW LISTENER please download the last episode as it will direct you to a great list of "best of" and "Starter" episodes to chew on until SEASON THREE kicks off in the not too distant future!
In the meantime, be sure to subscribe! ; )

Nov 7, 2016

A short episode designed for new listeners. MG recaps some of the most popular episodes — helps any new listener/subscriber get up to speed before season III begins.

Download this episodes —

Mindsets & Philosophies:
- MBM02 - Responsibility
- The Physics of Personal Productivity
- Making the Time to Relax
- 7 Reasons Self Help Does Not Suck
- Silence and Concentration
- Success in Common Hours
- MBM 21- "Be Like Water"
- The Eighth Wind

- What does Ben Franklin and a Hindu Priest have in common
- 3 Habit Busting Tips
- What makes  a good habit?
- The Habit of Asking Questions
- How Long Does it Really Take to Develop a Habit
- What is the law of cosmic habit force!

- Why SMART goals aren’t so smart
- Vision: Everything is Created Twice
- Got Leverage
- Persistence is more valuable than
- Super-conscious connectivity
- MBM 18: “Getting to”
- The Eight That Separate

A few Interviews to start with:
- Jon Carder -  Super Entrepreneur
- Eric Kaufmann  (Virtues of Leadership)
- Henry Evans - The Hour A Day Entrepreneur

 If you're new to the show these will give you plenty to chew on until season three kicks off in the not too distant future! ; )